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Planning company healthcare benefits post lockdown

After a few months of working from home and dealing with the crisis, our Government has finally made sure that office goers can resume work. But as offices open after lockdown, are your employees ready to get back to work? Employers have taken upon themselves to ensure company healthcare benefits are in place to keep their employees secure. However, there are still many reasons that may affect an employee when resuming work. Over the months, employees might get comfortable working from home. For many of them, workplace safety is a concern. Many might find it difficult to adjust to a new lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

To-dos for a safe workplace with company healthcare benefits

1. Invest in hand sanitizers and place them everywhere in your office. Like entrance/exit, washrooms, workstations, meeting rooms, pantry. The more you encourage your employees to keep sanitizing their hands the better. We’re doing it in our Onsurity office space as well!

2. Prevent unsolicited visitors from entering your office. It can be delivery boys, vendors, etc. 

3. When it comes to meetings, try to hold video conferences instead of cramping up the meeting room. If it is important to do the meeting then you need to make sure that social distancing is followed.

4. Ensure that the whole office is properly cleaned and sanitized especially the places that come in contact the most. Like the door, washroom, workstations, PCs, telephones, etc. 

5. If any staff develops symptoms of FLU, make sure that he/she does not attend the office at any cost and ensure the person receives proper medical attention, immediately.

Here’s a set of guidelines put forth by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for preventive measures in offices post lockdown.

What to do if an employee is tested positive for Covid-19?

1. Isolate the employee and place that person in a room where he is comfortable and make sure he is wearing a mask

2. Report to the health authorities or you can call the helpline (1075) immediately

3. High-risk contacts will be quarantined for 14 days and low-risk ones can continue work but their health needs to be monitored properly

4. If there are multiple cases in your office, then the office needs to be shut down immediately. But if there are only a couple of cases then the office needs to be disinfected properly and the work can be resumed

The situation is tough and being a leader, you need to make sure that your employees’ wellness is well taken care of. You should also invest in group medical insurance before offices open after lockdown. The same has been mandated by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

In case, you are looking for a wellness program for your employees, look no further. Invest in the TeamSure Membership by Onsurity – A monthly wellness package including features like Group Health Insurance, discounted medicines, lab tests, and earn fitness rewards.

We at Onsurity are driven towards ensuring our customers have the best of health at all times. With our comprehensive healthcare packages, we are taking digital healthcare to a new level, allowing customers to take care of their medical needs, at all times.

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