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Your Expert Guide to Daycare Procedures in Health Insurance

Thanks to innovations in medical technology, there are many medical procedures that can be completed in less than a day. Such procedures are called “daycare procedures”. Today, they are quite common, since they are quick treatments that do not require hospitalization a longer duration. And the good news is that now you can take advantage of daycare procedures in health insurance.

In this blog, we aim to help you understand what and how daycare procedures in health insurance are covered. That way, you will never be caught unaware when you are asked to pay from your pocket. 

Understanding Daycare Procedures in Health Insurance

Daycare procedures are surgical procedures that do not require you to get admitted and spend a night in the hospital. If you are undergoing such a procedure, it is very likely you will be discharged the same day if there are no complications. It’s important to remember that daycare procedures refer to surgeries and operations. This is vastly different from the Outpatient Department (OPD). 

OPD covers simple treatments and scans, they are not considered ‘operations’. Daycare refers to procedures like cataract surgeries, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, dialysis etc. These operations are more expensive than OPD procedures. Daycare procedures also entails taking you to an operating theatre, which is not part of OPD procedures.  

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How Daycare Procedures in Health Insurance are Covered

As we have previously explained, OPD treatments do not usually qualify for insurance claims. That’s because, for a claim, you need to be hospitalized for at least 24 hours.  

What about daycare procedures though? If you are lucky enough to have good employee group health insurance, daycare procedures in health insurance will be available.  

It’s important you check your group health insurance plan, as each plan will treat daycare procedures differently. Some plans will offer you coverage for select procedures, others might cover all daycare procedures. If you think daycare coverage is not important, you should know that such procedures are often highly-priced. Paying for them out of your pocket isn’t easy, so it is wise to have an insurance cover. 

If you are an employer, it’s a good idea to check your group health insurance plan. While not all employees will require daycare coverage, it’s always a good idea to ensure it is a part of your plan. That way, should an employee require such a procedure, they can easily do so knowing you, as an employer, have them covered. It’s a good way to make your employees feel like you care.  


Here are four more reasons why you should pick an employee healthcare plan with daycare coverage – 

  • Better Mental Health:  Having to pay from their pocket for a procedure is bound to cause mental distress to an employee. Covering daycare helps take the load off, so that they can focus on healing and quickly returning to work. 
  • Cashless Payments: Being covered by insurance means that employees can opt for cashless payments at network hospitals. It makes the process easier for your employees and saves their time and energy. 
  • Tax Savings: You can already avail tax benefits for providing employees with healthcare benefits, so why not include daycare procedures and provide better employee health coverage? 
  • Better Treatment: Daycare procedures are fast and safe. By covering daycare, you are giving your employees the option to choose a procedure that’s better and allows them to return to work faster.  

Give Your Employees The Best 

Due to certain uncontrollable factors, the cost of healthcare is rising yearly. It is now no longer feasible for your employees to bear hospital bills or doctor fee from their own wallet. That’s why you need a comprehensive employee healthcare plan, one that covers daycare procedures as well. That way, your existing employees will be in better financial shape. Such healthcare plans are also a great way to attract new employees, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Keep your employees stress-free and future ready. If you are wondering how to do that, why not check out Onsurity’s healthcare plans?  Onsurity offers economical, flexible plans ideal for any start-up or SME.  

Thanks to our partner insurer, members also get group health insurance for MSMEs and startups benefits. Please remember that we do not provide insurance, we are simply administrators.  

Under the group health insurance with the Onsurity Plus Membership, daycare procedures is just one of the many benefits provided. Onsuirty provides more comprehensive wellness membership plans, with benefits like doctor teleconsultations, discounted lab test booking and medicine delivery and fitness tracking. 

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