Depression and employee healthcare

Employee healthcare starts with mental wellness at work

As an employer, have you ever noticed when your chirpy and happy employee all of a sudden stops talking? Have you ever observed that your introverted employee has become all the more silent? What would you do?  Employers at times ignore employee healthcare and mental wellness and focus more on their business. But there is definitely a correlation between happy employees and a booming business. When an employer cares about the employees, their morale is at an all-time high and they feel happy to come to work every day and strive to work towards your business goals. But when they don’t there is a chance of all hell breaking loose for the employee.  

Even after entering the 21st century where people’s thinking and innovation are reaching for the stars, people still are ignorant towards mental health and look down upon it. Be it school, college, home, or office, mental illness has inserted its roots deeply everywhere. It’s just a matter of time where we identify it and work towards it.  

Mental health is a broad topic, there are many problems that come under this umbrella-like anxiety, panic attacks, depression, eating disorders like bulimia, post-traumatic stress, etc. There are many ways in which employers can deal with workplace issues like these as well. But in this blog, we are going to delve into the most common problem and learn in-depth about it- Depression especially in the office. 

A new focus in employee healthcare – Depression in employees 

Office bullying is one of the leading causes

You see a group of employees making fun of their fellow colleague for being an introvert. What do you think the repercussion of this on the colleague will be like? What do you think he must be feeling? Do you think he will be motivated to come to work? Do you think he will be undergoing mental harassment?  If you as an employer notice something of this sort happening in your company you should definitely take strict action to prevent it.  

Lack of employee healthcare benefits affecting performance

The reasons can vary for an employee who is unable to perform well in office, like he/she is not in their preferred occupation, there is distress at home which is affecting their work, he feels there is some sort of office politics which is affecting his mental state and so on. As an employer you need to keep close eye on your employees and identify the problem if any and work towards a solution which will work for the business and for the employee. 

No personal life or showcased motivation towards work

All work and no play can make anyone depressed. So, it is imperative to make sure your employees are thriving in their personal life as well.  

Not mixing well with colleagues

An employee who feels not included with their colleagues can slip into a downward spiral. They spend 8-9 hours away from home amongst their peers, if he feels that he is not being treated well or not being able to make friends then that can impact his mental health as well as his productivity. So, it’s important that there needs to be certain programs in place which will help them break the ice.   

Identifying signs of depression as the first step to employee healthcare and wellness 

Appetite– Sudden gain or loss of appetite 

Mood swings– If he/she bursts into anger, sadness, cries etc. 

Forced happiness– You observe someone is trying to be happy but it’s not consistent. 

Loss of energy– The employee gets tired easily  

Absenteeism– You observe an employee taking too many leaves 

Alcohol/Drug abuse- You get to know or see that the employee is indulging in a lot of alcohol and drugs 

Sleep cycle- The employee has been sleeping too much or too little 

Loss of interest- Employee suddenly loses interest in their job and doesn’t work well as opposed to earlier 

Pessimism- Employee starts projecting negative thoughts  

How can employers deal with this situation? 

When an employer notices the employee projecting the above-mentioned signs for more than a week, there needs to be certain measures that the employer must take:  

1. Talk 

2. Show that you care 

3. Have a psychologist come in every month to check-in with the employees 

4. Create a welcoming and warm environment in the office where the employees can openly talk  

5. Touch base with your employees on a regular basis 

There are many factors that can lead an employee into a wormhole of depression. But as an employer it is your responsibility to make sure that your employees have a safe space where they are encouraged to talk about it.  

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