features of group health insurance

Key features of Group Health Insurance

Employees are an integral part of an organisation’s growth story. Thus, for an organisation to achieve massive success, the well-being of its employees is important. A group health policy can help employers take care of its employees as this type of insurance covers hospitalisation and other wellness expenses of the employees. Employee health insurance can be availed by a company of any size-small, medium or large and the premium has to be paid by the employer. Considering the rising healthcare costs and lifestyle diseases, providing group health cover to employees is important. Here we take you through several features of group health insurance. 

Features of group health insurance 

No waiting period 

Unlike individual health insurance, group health insurance does not come with any waiting period. Employees can avail coverage for a range of illnesses including chronic ailments right from day one. 

Network hospitals 

Group health insurers have tie up with a list of hospitals that enable employees to avail cashless treatment. If you avail treatment at a network hospital then you don’t have to pay the hospital bills out of your pocket as the insurance company directly settles the bill with the hospital. All you need to do is present your health insurance e card at the time of hospitalization.  

Pre and post hospitalization expenses 

 With group health cover, employees get coverage for both pre and post hospitalisation expenses that is usually provided for 30 days before hospitalisation and 0 days after hospitalisation.  Pre and post hospitalisation expenses may include costs like doctor consultation, X-rays, medical reports, physiotherapy cost,etc.  

Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions 

Pre-existing medical conditions are conditions that an individual is suffering from at the time of policy purchase. Under individual health cover, pre-existing medical conditions are covered after a waiting period of 36-48 months and in serious cases, the insurance company can even reject the proposal. However, under group health cover pre-existing diseases are covered and the insurance company cannot deny coverage for the same. However, under group health cover too, it is imperative to note that PED cover is offered after 48 months. 

Extend coverage to family members 

Group health insurance policy not only covers primary members, but coverage can be extended to other dependents as well including spouse and kids and in some cases even to parents and parent-in-laws. Few employers extend coverage to spouse and kids for free of cost, without adding any additional premium. 

Affordable premium 

Onsurity Group health insurance cover is available at an affordable premium starting at Rs. 145/month. In comparison to other types of insurance, it is the most affordable health policy.

Considering the above features, it is important to avail group health cover. Onsurity offers employee health benefits plans that include group health insurance and a host of other wellness benefits including discounts on diagnostics, pharmacy, and doctor consultations.