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Sunny Days

Cool off this tropical season with our scrumptious new serving of pure sunshine.

What is Onsurity Sunny days

This Summer is going to be filled with sunshine and amazing things because you have us – you have Onsurity Wellness to help you get a ‘watermelon sugar high’ and ‘beat the heat’. From preventive measures & tips for staying healthy to skincare & haircare – our Onsurity Sunny Days series has got you covered.






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Health Issues & Cure

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‘Tequilla Tuesday’ or ‘Tedious-tasks Tuesdays’, enjoy this newsletter every week for a mini vacation through our content made of sunshine and holistic ideas. Healthy living and well-being never popped in your mail. Now it will.
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Health & Wellness: Women as Change Agents

Key Highlights:

  • Women are increasingly getting vocal about health and wellness in today’s world
  • Health and wellness programs have capability to lower health care costs and increase productivity
  • Well-being technology has opened more avenues to create holistic wellness strategie