Misconceptions About Mental Health

What Are Some Misconceptions About Mental Health?

What are some of the most common Misconceptions About Mental Health? Read on t find out what others think about mental health.

Misconceptions About Mental Health

Here I have listed down some misconceptions that people might have regarding mental health. Feel free to make your own assumptions.

It’s all in your head

There was a 24-year-old boy, he was suffering from depression due to issues at his workspace. He used to refuse to go to the office every morning. But his parents said, “Stop being so lazy.” When he said that he was suffering from depression his parents dismissed it immediately by saying, “It’s all in your head.” Post this he went into a deeper spiral of mental health issues.  

Mental Illness is real and parents should create a supportive environment if they see their child acting differently and aloof. The earlier the problem is detected and worked upon, the faster the problem can be solved. Not just at home, the employers and HRs should create an environment where employees can discuss freely and can clear misconceptions about mental health.

There is no cure for mental illness

There is a common misconception that people think there is no cure for mental illnesses. Just like there is a cure for physical health problems, you can overcome mental illness with medication and lots of emotional support.   

With regular counselling, prescribed medications and support from family and friends and help a person overcome mental illness.  

It’s just your hormones 

The older generation thinks that youths do not go through depression or other mental illnesses. They feel like it might be due to hormonal changes or that they are not disciplined.

The world has become very competitive and this has given birth to lots of stress, depression, and other mental illnesses. The youth wants to reach a certain goal, they are very ambitious with regards to their profession or/and lifestyle. So, when they fall short, it brings in stress and other mental illnesses. Hence, it is important that the older generation become more vocal and supportive about this. And help the youth of today by giving them the right kind of advice and not by dismissing them.  

Don’t be so weak   

Mental illnesses stem from a traumatic experience or anything that triggered physical, emotional, or mental stress. It is not a character flaw.  

Accepting and seeking help for mental illness is a sign of strength, courage and ownership. So, instead of calling it a sign of weakness, one should encourage them to seek help and show immense support.  

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