National Startup Awards 2020 Puts the Spotlight on India’s Budding Businesses

As the third largest startup ecosystem in the world, India has always been a thriving home for businesses. To recognise the contribution of millions of entrepreneurs, the government has initiated the National Startup Awards in 2020. The awards are divided into 12 sectors and further subdivided into 35 categories. Each recognising one unique space where a startup has created a ripple. 

The government received 1641 applications for the awards from across 23 states and 4 union territories. Each category winner will receive ₹5 lakh, as well as an opportunity to pitch in front of relevant corporates and ministry personnel.  

Onsurity would like to highlight the winners and all the amazing work they have put in, to make India a more vibrant, exciting place to live. We also want to congratulate all the entrees. Without them, India would not be in the place it is today. Their social and economic impacts have left a lasting impression on all of us. Here’s a look at all the winners from the startup awards. 


Farmer Engagement and Education

Mandya Organic Foods purchases produce from farmers and sells it across their supermarkets in Mandya and Bengaluru. The company has also helped set up 320 farmer self-help groups and a cooperative society with 550 members.  

Post Harvest

Intello Labs has digitized food quality assessment through a smartphone app. Users can see freshness details of a product, and a scanner allows farmers to check pesticide residue and moisture. 


Nava Design has created SAPER, the world’s first robotic coconut sap tapping device. Using wireless networks powered by solar energy, SAPER has been patented in 28 countries.  

Allied Areas

Cornext Agri Products won the award for preserving green fodder using a technique called silage bailing. That allows farmers to access green fodder for their cattle all year round, improving their health and milk yield.  


Access to Institutional Education

RobotGuru seeks to teach robotics using motion capture and virtual reality. It allows students to explore and experience activities in VR, as if they are actually present.  

Access to Open Education

Kickhead Softwares has created GovJobAdda. The platform allows students to prepare for all government exams for free. Students can read up on current affairs and take mock tests using the platform. 


Clean Energy

Aloe E-cell is an eco-friendly battery that claims to be 10% cheaper and 1.5x more durable. The company aims to reduce pollution by 71.6%. It could also save the Indian economy US$109 billion every year. 

Energy Efficiency

Esyasoft offers a data management system for utilities like water, gas and electricity. Users can obtain analytics on usage, forecast and even theft. The company has already deployed its system in Indore, increasing billing efficiency by 22%.  

Enterprise Technology 

Unnati is a voice-enabled digital assistant for informal sector jobseekers. The job helpline service calls seekers to identify their profile and match them with potential jobs. In the last two years, Unnati has provided 10 lakh job opportunities. 


Resilient Innovations has created BharatPe, a UPI-backed payment system for SME merchants. The app acepts payments from over 150 other apps, using QR codes. Resilient also offers short-term loans to SME’s to help cover their working capital without collateral.  


Access to Food

FoodCloud is a marketplace for home chefs and caterers. It allows anyone to provide on-demand home-cooked meals. Right now, the company is operating in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai with 3,500 registered chefs across 35 cuisines.  

Food Processing

God’s Own Food Solutions has created ‘green jackfruit flour’, a mixture that can be used to make rotis and idlis. The company also processes jackfruit, saving ₹2,000 crore worth of jackfruit from being wasted yearly. 


Access to Healthcare

Wellthy Therapeutics is a smartphone app that enables real time health monitoring by connecting with activity trackers. An AI coach will suggest relevant therapy for a variety of diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart failure and asthma. 


NIRAMAI has developed an AI-powered system to detect breast cancer through thermal imaging. A portable, radiation-free system, it can detect breast cancer in anyone over the age of 18. Till date, it has screened 25,000 women across 12 states.  

Life Sciences

BonAyu has developed fast-dissolving oral strips that can deliver drugs, green tea or vitamins. The user-friendly strips are made from cost-effective polymers that can replace traditional methods of taking medicines.  

Medical Devices

Innaumnation has built a voice box prosthesis, for those who have lost their voice box due to cancer. It can be inserted in five minutes, without the need of an operation theatre.  

Industry 4.0 

Big Data

UptimeAI is a tool that helps plant engineers identify stress points, and possible failures of equipment. The cloud-based system is constantly learning about the conditions of the plant, and can handle large data sets across machines and industries.  

Internet of Things

Minionlabs is a machine-learning platform that can analyse energy consumption to derive actionable insights. The company also has a hand-sized sensor to report the energy usage of every device.  

3D Printing

Fabheads Automation has created a 3D printer dubbed ‘FibrBots’. It is Asia’s first and only company to replace plastic and metal with carbon fiber for 3D printing. The company currently has 3 models, and can deliver small-parts fabrication within 2 weeks.  

Augmented Reality/Wearables

Scapic has created a cloud platform where brands can showcase 3D models of their products in AR, without any coding. Brands can also distribute these experiences without an app on any device.  


Planys has created a robot that can be used for inspection of underwater assets. It is a safer and cost-effective alternative offering HD videography, GPS mapping, ultrasonic inspection and acoustic surveys.  

Computer Vision

GingerMind has built AI-powered smartphone app to help the visually impaired. Using a camera, Eye-D can tell users where they are, identify objects, read documents and much more.  


Citizen Security Solutions

Staqu is a real-world crime data tool that uses deep neural networks. JARVIS is a video-analytics tool with facial recognition and crowd analysis. SIAN is a tool that can identify speakers with a 94.3% accuracy rate regardless of language.  

Cyber Security

Lucideus’ program SAFE conducts Cyber Risk Quantification by analyzing the existing technology stack of an enterprise. It then provides a real-time cyber risk assessment broken down per asset.  


SpaceTech Solutions

Skyroot has developed the Vikram launch vehicle, a cost-effective launch vehicle for small satellites. Capable of low-Earth orbit, Vikram can carry between 300-700kgs. Upper stage engines are 3D printed, saving uo to 40%. 

Satellite Technologies

Dhruva can custom design an entire mission based on the customer’s requirements. The company builds the satellite, finds a launch provider and provides ground station support. Bellatrix is the co-winner of the award. The company has developed Chetak, a fully reusable micro-launch vehicle capable of carrying 200kgs. The company has also developed a methane-fuelled engine and electric propulsion systems.  



Feeinsta Consulting has created “Fresh Rooms” a smart e-toilet meant for public use. They have also created ‘smart nap zones’, ‘smart lounges’ and clinics that can all be accessed through a mobile app.  

Travel Planning

Param People has developed a road travel support platform called “Highway Delite”. The app can show people amenities on their route, with verified services like ATMs, toilets, fuel pumps, dhabas, mechanics and hospitals.  

Urban Services 

Construction Development

SnPC Machines has developed a Mobile Brickmaking Machine. The machine can lay down bricks on the move, anywhere. It currently has a rate of 12,000 bricks/hour and can reduce production costs by 45%.  

Traffic Management

WickedRide Adventure Services has introduced Bounce, a shared mobility service. Users can rent two-wheelers without needing any keys or docking stations in 35 cities across India. 

Waste Management

The non-profit organization Sukriti has developed ‘Eco Mitra’, a solar-powered automated public toilet. With no physical sensors that can be damaged or stolen, the Eco Mitra is ideal for rough public usage.  

Water Networks

Taraltech Solutions’ Reactor is a device that can be retrofitted to hand pumps to provide safe water. The device requires no electricity, chemicals, or maintenance and can ensure 99% microbial decontamination.  

Special Category Awards for Startup Businesses

Campus Startup

Generobic Innovations has pioneered the Bandicoot robot, an alternative to manual scavenging. The robot can unclog sewers, identify blockages and use high-pressure water hoses all with remote operation.   

Rural Impact Startup

Bodhami is an AI-driven digital learning platform. Through aptitude tests, Bodhami can identify the users’ potential and suggest careers. The platform connects with experts to provide digital learning tools based on the career.  

Women-lead Startup

Azooka has created a safe DNA stain dye called Tinto Rang. It makes disease diagnosis more affordable and safer. Unlike traditional stains, Tinto Rang is non-toxic and can be used for everything from DNA analysis to crop breeding. 


Villgro provides end-to-end intensive support to early-stage social enterprises. Their platform VITALS has already been leveraged by over 200 stakeholders to provide data-driven insights.  


The Brigade Real Estate Accelerator Program (REAP) has been identified for its role in helping companies create scalable, sustainable solutions. REAP has a panel of mentors with expertise in various disciplines, who share their insights to startups.  

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