Simplifying Non-admissible Items with your Onsurity Healthcare Membership

In this blog, we will give you the entire list of non-admissible items which are excluded from TeamSure

We’ll start with the basics: What are non-admissible items? 

The IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India) provided a comprehensive list of items. The expenses of these items are excluded from the Onsurity Healthcare Membership and are not covered by our insurance partner.  When a person gets admitted to the hospital, there is always confusion as to what is covered and what is not. So, in this blog, we are covering all the items that are not covered by our healthcare membership.  

The major non-admissible items are surcharges, service charges and miscellaneous charges.  

Sr. No  Items 
Weight Control Programs/ Supplies/ Services 
Cost of Spectacles/ Contact Lenses/ Hearing Aids Etc., 
Dental Treatment Expenses that do not require Hospitalisation 
Hormone Replacement Therapy 
Home visit charges 
Infertility/ Subfertility/ Assisted Conception Procedure  
Obesity (including Morbid Obesity) Treatment if Excluded in Policy 
Psychiatric & Psychosomatic Disorders 
Corrective Surgery for Refractive Error 
10 Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases 
11 Donor Screening Charges 
12 Admission/Registration Charges 
13 Hospitalization for Evaluation/ Diagnostic Purpose 
14 Expenses for Investigation/ Treatment irrelevant to the Disease for which admitted or diagnosed 
15 Any Expenses when the Patient is diagnosed with Retro Virus + or suffering from /HIV/ Aids etc. is detected/ directly or indirectly 
16 Stem Cell Implantation/ Surgery & Storage 

To check the complete list of non-admissible items, click here. Till then, stay safe and stay healthy 

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