Onsurity’s Healthcare Membership Works for Everyone. Here’s How

As a responsible employer, the best thing you can do for your employees is get them a healthcare membership. In the post-COVID world, employee healthcare benefits are no longer a luxury, but a norm. If you Google benefits for employees, you will see healthcare as one of the most popular options. 

As a business though, it can seem challenging to get a healthcare membership. Finding employee healthcare plans that fit your budget and requirements, while offering comprehensive benefits isn’t easy. We know. That’s why Onsurity was founded. Our wellness membership plans are economical, flexible and offer great benefits. 

Another advantage of Onsurity is that everyone is welcome to join our family. At Onsurity, we are on a mission to make employee healthcare benefits easy accessible for everyone. That’s why our healthcare membership is open to almost everyone. If you are an employer, chances are you can get your team affordable employee healthcare from Onsurity.  

Here’s a look at the many ways Onsurity works for everyone. 

A Healthcare Membership for MSMEs and Startups 

Onsurity wants to make healthcare benefits easy to access for startups and MSMEs. That’s why our healthcare membership is accessible for teams with three employees or more. That’s all we need. Onsurity works for teams as small as three people, and as large as 300. No matter how many employees you have, you will find an affordable employee healthcare plan with us.  

The best part? You only pay for the number of employees that have an active subscription. With our revolutionary monthly subscription option, you can save up to 50% on your healthcare costs. That’s because you pay each month for exactly the number of employees you have.  

We also don’t have any restrictions on industries. From FinTech to transport, and offline retail to manufacturing, we currently have over 500 companies that call us their “preferred healthcare partner”. It’s just one of the many ways we are expanding the reach of employee healthcare benefits. 

Onsurity healthcare membership for the whole team

All Employees are Eligible 

Many healthcare membership plans are restricted to full-time employees. India is home to some estimated 3 million gig workers. There’s no count of the number of employees on part-time contracts or those with contract-based jobs. That means millions are being denied healthcare benefits simply because they lack a full-time contract.  

We believe there should be a better way. That’s why Onsurity’s healthcare membership is open to all employees – full-time, part-time, contract and freelance. As long as they are on your payroll, they are eligible for our employee healthcare plans.  

Millions of Indians cannot afford healthcare. With Onsurity, you are helping to change that by simply providing healthcare benefits. As a member of the Onsurity family, you are creating a healthier and happier India. All you have to do is take one small step – subscribe to Onsurity.  

We Also Support Families! 

Employees aren’t the only people in need of healthcare benefits, their families do too. That’s why Onsurity’s healthcare membership can be extended to families. As an employer, you can choose to provide employee healthcare benefits to just the employer, or the employer and their family. 

In case you cannot do so, your employers can choose to add their family to their plan by paying for their healthcare membership. Our plans can be extended to their spouse, children, parents, in-laws and siblings subject to terms and conditions.  

Our low-cost plans and monthly billing mean that no matter how many members your or your team choose to add, it is affordable enough to do so. With so many healthcare benefits to access, Onsurity offers the greatest value for money plans on the market.  

Age is No Barrier 

Health concerns can happen to anyone, at any time. There’s no age limit for health scares. That’s why Onsurity’s healthcare membership is open to all employees of all ages up to 65 years (and parents up to 80). An employee can also choose to add his/her child right from day 1, ensuring that they can get benefits right from the start. 

Onsurity also facilitates group health insurance benefits for members provided by our insurance partner. 

That’s how Onsurity has built a healthcare membership for MSMEs and startups. Our digital-first low-cost plans are the best way to ensure that everyone can access healthcare. So what are you waiting for? 

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