group healthcare plan for small businesses

How Onsurity Built a Healthcare Plan for Small Businesses That Is Financially Friendly

What are the things on your mind when shopping for a healthcare plan for small businesses? We are sure some key factors are – affordable access to teleconsultations and health check-ups and group health insurance for startups with quick claims and easy administration. Historically, these things have come at a cost- your working capital. 

A good quality healthcare plan for small businesses used to be a burden on your operational cost. Thankfully though, that’s no longer the case. Today, thanks to companies like Onsurity, you can get a healthcare plan for small businesses that offer a wide range of features, without eating into your working capital. 

The purchase journey is easier than ordering a pizza, and your HR team will love how easy it is to manage your plan. That’s because we have designed a healthcare plan for small businesses like yours. It’s customizable to your needs, giving you and your employees control over all their healthcare needs in one place. 

How did we do it, you ask? Well, while designing Onsurity TeamSure, we asked ourselves the following questions. That helped us build a product that we know you will love because 200+ SME’s already do!  

Do I Have to Worry About Group Size?  

It can often be tough to get an economical group healthcare plan for small businesses. You might have too few employees to qualify for affordable options by other healthcare providers. This is not the case with Onsurity! Our plans are flexible to your team size. Whether you have 10 employees or 500, TeamSure by Onsurity works for them all!  

How Do I Choose the Right Plan? 

We’ve got curated standard monthly plans to choose from keeping in mind that it should meet all your needs. The monthly subscription cost will depend on which plan you choose for your employees. Also, if an employee wants to opt for a higher/lower plan, they can easily do so in their personal capacity too. TeamSure is great because your employees can pick just the right plan for them. 

What Do I Get With My Plan? 

Depending on the plan you choose, we provide you with some great benefits. Your plan will determine the sum insured (I.e our high-end Jade plan offers a sum insured of Rs. 5,00,000). Your plan will also get you a selected number of discounts on medicine orders, teleconsultations, and health checkups. The greater your plan, the greater your fitness rewards too.  

Am I Getting My Money’s Worth? 

As with any expense, it’s vital to ensure you get your money’s worth. That’s why Onsurity has built a comprehensive healthcare plan for small businesses. Our insurance partner provides health insurance, teleconsultations, access to a digital medical store, and home health check-ups are provided by other partners. Our broad range of healthcare services means that you and your team get are way more than you bargained for. We’ve also got fitness tracking built into the app.    

How Do I Save on My Costs?

With Onsurity’s healthcare plan for small businesses, most of the time you pay a fixed monthly rate. With direct insurance plans, the more claims you make, the more your premiums will cost next year. Our approach ensures transparent pricing upfront and facilitates a healthier and more productive team, which directly translates to fewer health concerns.   

How do I Save Time?

Right from enrollment, TeamSure by Onsurity is designed to be simple, efficient and digital-first. Just introduce us to your work family and their needs, and we will help find the right plan for you. We’ve also created an easy-to-use dashboard, from where you can add, remove and view employees and their plans. Our Good Doctor Team is always on hand to help with any questions related to hospitalization and provides claims assistance. That way, you spend less time and effort managing your team’s healthcare needs, and more time working for the growth of your organization and we at Onsurity take care of the rest.  

Healthcare Plan for Small Businesses

By answering these questions, we’ve created a product that we know you will love. Don’t take our word for it, we’ve got over 200+ happy customers. That’s because we have found a way to make healthcare plans for small businesses easy – by leveraging technology with a caring relationship.  

Here at Onsurity, we care for your team like our own. That’s why we have built affordable employee healthcare for startups that prioritizes your employee’s healthcare without disrupting your working capital.