Financial tech smart plans for employees

Financial Tech Smart Health Plans for Employees

Given the current scenario in the global economy where uncertainties have become a part of people’s lives; it is inevitable to seek affordability, trust and sustainability everywhere. Considering the pandemic and its consequential side-effects, people want to take care of their healthcare foremost. Companies have started making it a point to offer healthcare and wellness benefits to their teams. Post the impact of COVID-19, IRDA and the Indian Government has now made it mandatory for all employers to offer group health coverage to employees. With health insurance being made mandatory for employees, many health tech companies today are smart engineered processes and implementing modern day healthcare membership plans that make it simple for employees to manage their health even while on the go.

Modern day healthcare plans

With changing times, employee healthcare has changed too, offering a plethora of wellness benefits that help in managing employee health holistically. With an increase in sedentary lifestyle, COVID-19, mental health issues, low social interaction and remote working environment, helping employees take care of their health is important.

Modern day healthcare membership plans today are not just limited to health insurance cover, but do extend a range of wellness benefits including diagnostic, pharmacy, doctor consultations, etc. which make it easy for employees to manage their health.

The new age healthcare companies also offer discounts on wellness services which further help employees save on money. Wellness events ranging from mental health, skin care, diet, etc. are hosted by these companies to educate the employees.

Financially smart tech plans

Employee healthcare plans available in today’s time are affordable starting at Rs. 145/month. Technology has played an important role in making healthcare accessible to all employees including the MSMEs. Healthcare plans today are customizable which an employer can customise based on the needs of his employees. Moreover, membership payment can be made on a monthly basis, thus making it easy for the employers to make payments.

Modern day employee health plans are tech-enabled-letting both employees and employers manage healthcare efficiently.

Employees can easily raise a claim for health insurance cover, can book lab tests, order medicines and connect with doctors on chat or call. On the other hand, employers get access to a dashboard that makes it simple for them to make payments, add employees, etc.

Benefits of employee sponsored health insurance cover

Few of the key benefits of employee sponsored health insurance cover are:

Reduced absenteeism: A healthy employee is present in office and more productive. The more physically strong employees are, less prone they are to injuries and are less likely to miss out on work.

Great recruiting tool for HR: In case an employee is negotiating two job offers, then benefits like health insurance combined with wellness benefits can go in your favor.

Increases employee retention: Employees are more likely to stay longer in companies that offer health benefits.

Boost employee satisfaction: Providing health benefits to employees helps in boosting their morale as they feel valued and cared for.


With the help of technology, the group health insurance industry has undergone a massive change which has had a positive impact on the employers who can effectively manage healthcare for their employees.