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Why are millennials dealing with mental stress?

Stress, burnout, and depression- Mental stress amongst millennials

Stress in a work environment 

Today the world has become really competitive. With everyone aiming for the stars, no one wants to pause for a second to enjoy life. But the way life has become, everyone wants to be successful, professionally as well as in their personally.

Everyone’s goal is to become the best and to get the best things in life.

Between this race, when you are unable to achieve this target, you undergo mental stress. The stress can be crippling, it can affect your productivity, immensely. This can affect your thinking and it can lead to a much deeper problems later on.  

How can you tackle the stress that arises at the workplace? 

Try to figure out what is it that triggered the stress. Is it workplace politics, a competition that is delivering better than you, not able to match wavelengths with the boss, unable to perform well, not getting along with colleagues or workplace bullying? Whatever it is, try and learn about the cause and see how you can solve it. You can get in touch with the HR or your immediate boss to tell them your concerns. If you feel that the stress is induced due to the office, look for a better job because nothing is more precious than your peace of mind.  

Burning out in your professional life 

A millennial in this cutting-edge world works really hard to fulfill his/her lifestyle choices. But after working for a certain amount of time or due to immense stress they might start burning out. They might not feel the same enthusiasm while they started off work. There can be many reasons that can cause this like the job getting monotonous, too much work pressure that is affecting the creative outflow etc.

To get rid of the burning out phase, you can take a small little vacation where you can clear your head and think about what you want to do in your life. What your expectations are from lie and what you want to do. A little break from work can definitely clear your head and help you think clearly as to where you want to take your life. Don’t forget one thing, you are the pilot of your life. Take the road you want to.  


If you don’t treat your stress and the burnout, it can lead to a downward spiral which can lead to depression. A small thing can trigger this major mental illness. So, it is imperative to take certain actions when you feel like you are digging yourself deeper into this.  

Seek professional help. You will understand the wonders a professional help can bring into your life. All you need to do is give it a try. 

If you feel that you need to talk to someone about it but you don’t know how, try talking to your friend about the things that are bothering you. A friend’s advice or just talking to a friend can make a lot of difference.  

Sometimes you feel that what you are going through no one will understand, but here is the secret, everyone goes through their own struggle. It’s just a matter of how each individual tackle the situation. So, talk to someone, and talk to that one friend who will understand you. If you feel like you don’t have friends who can understand you, try online. The best part of talking to a stranger is that he/she will never judge you. 

So, good luck. Stay safe and be happy!  

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